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June 2020 - Reopening Statement and Guidelines

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On behalf of the leadership of New Life Global Church, I first want to thank each and every one of you for your continued support, both prayerfully and financially during this difficult time of physical restrictions placed on the church. Words cannot truly convey how deeply thankful I am to each of you for sticking with us through this time of uncertainty. 

We are very excited to be given the ability to return to church beginning this coming Sunday at 10:30 am and our dynamic team has been busy for weeks preparing for this announcement. I also want to thank them for their tireless efforts in getting us ready to reopen. 

There are some guidelines that will follow that pertain to the reopening of the church and we ask that you carefully read through the guidelines to gain a clear understanding of expectations and requirements that will be in place to keep each person safe as we gather together.  Please keep in mind that we are following the information that has already been put out in other jurisdictions that have reopened their churches and also from our own health unit and provincial government. 

  1. We are going to be meeting at a 30% building capacity (as per Ontario Government guidelines) and honouring the 2 meter physical distancing rule that has been implemented. This means that not every congregant can attend every Sunday. We will also ensure that the gathering arrangement meets all health and cleaning requirements as set forth by our public health department.
  1. We are still going to livestream our morning service on Facebook.  We encourage those that will not attend the Sunday morning service to continue to participate with us on Facebook livestream at 10:30 am. 

  2. Registration will be required for attendance at the service in order to be certain to limit the attendance to no more than 30% building capacity. Again, due to the capacity restrictions, it will be inevitable that we all will not be able to meet every Sunday and rotation will be required. Registration can either be done online ( or by telephone (365-881-5800 and leave a message). 

  3. There will be no child care or children programming for now, but families with children will be able to register and sit together for the service. We will wait for guidelines from our public health authorities as to how to reinstitute children’s programming safely. Please note that while children are more than welcome to attend with their parents, it is imperative that they remain seated with you and are NOT wandering around through the service

  4. Seating will be arranged and designated by our ushers so that there are proper distancing protocols established. Please be sure to follow the instructions of the ushers as they have been instructed and trained in the established Ministry of Health Guidelines in order to keep each of us safe. 
  1. Transportation will be provided to those in need, however there are some additional precautions to consider. It is a requirement that all those riding the church bus wear a mask to and from the church. Also, please adhere to the instruction of the driver for seating. 
  1. Once you arrive at the church, there will be an usher at the door who will screen each attendee, which will include a contactless temperature check and Covid 19 declaration form which will be kept on file at New Life Global Church. 
  1. You can then expect to be seated by an usher. Please remain seated and again, keep your children with you within your family bubble. 
  1. The front door of the church is designated as the only entrance, and the side door of the church is designated as the only exit unless there is an emergency. Please note, following the service we will dismiss immediately through the side door.


I am so excited to be reopening for services and I look forward to seeing you on Sunday. Thank you for your understanding as we strive to ensure that we meet all requirements as laid out by the provincial government and the ministry of health. 

In His Vineyard,

Reverend Emmanuel Echidime

New Life Global Church


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